Why Have a Custom CRM

One of the biggest concerns for any business is how to manage customers. Luckily for us, today’s technological advancements have given us the privilege of selecting the best possible solution for our business needs. That complex and convoluted issues can be easily handled by existing software solutions; which can be incorporated into your business at the touch of a finger. One of these solutions is a CRM system.

Companies use Customer Relationship Management software to manage relationships with current and potential customers. It helps generate sales reports, devises prospective plans, and improves the business as a whole. A CRM system can save and automate plenty of time for the business owner or a sales rep. Companies consider to use CRM regularly for one or many of the following reasons:


Gathers customer data in a knowledge base to help support long-term customer relationships.


Focuses on marketing, sales, service automation, and meeting short-term objectives. These usually have a dashboard that gives an overall view of the primary functions on a single customer view.


Analyses customer data provided by multiple sources to determine customer behavior and make informed decisions that can have an impact on your marketing and sales strategies.


Synchronises communication with customers across phone calls, emails, websites, and social networks, which in turn aids in increasing customer satisfaction and bettering customer service.

Even with the abundance of ready-made CRM software, your company needs might not be fully met as these usually cover a whole range of possible functions. Specific requirements that you have might not be addressed. A custom CRM can resolve this issue by building software that fits your company’s business processes, as well as provides more leeway for improvements.

A custom CRM also provides several advantages:

1. Less Expensive

Comparing to off-the-shelf CRMs (open source and SaaS CRMs), the cost of the custom made solution might be higher. Often, subscription-based CRMs require a hefty sum outright for providing use and payment. Over time paying a one-time fee for building a custom CRM according to your specifications may be a wiser investment in your business.

2. Short onboarding time

Ready-made CRMs tend to provide features that don’t exactly fit your existing workflow. Thus users(your employees) will have to adjust to them — either through intensive training or spending time to study its documentation.

3. Minimal integration costs

With custom CRMs, you choose what functionality to include while off the shelf CRMs can, more often than not, include paid add-ons, or worse, legacy software. You’ll be finding yourself in a spot hiring developers just so you accommodate these built-in functionalities.

4. Easier to scale

There’s no need to increase overhead costs by switching to a more expensive plan or buy add-ons just to get additional functionalities. Since you build/own the custom CRM, there’s no limitation to what features you want to be added.

5. Ease of Use

Custom CRMs being built around your company’s specifications and/or needs means that users are already familiar with the process that’s been integrated into the system.

6. Simplified Migration

Moving data from a previous CRM database(often your own) can be tedious and difficult. Often, data being migrated has to be reconstructed and interpreted. Such events usually entail bringing in database consultants who would then increase the cost. With a customized CRM, current developers can design the resulting system with minimal alterations and loss of data.

With these many advantages to opting for a custom CRM, there's also the added bonus of converting your newly developed software into a SaaS (System as a Service). So you can sell the use of your system to other companies for profit. Choosing the best CRM for a small or growing business is by no means an easy task. But exploring all feasible solutions is not something you should bypass, convenient or not. 

Our company has great expertise in building custom CRM and ERP systems. If you are thinking about investing in the automatization of your business, don't hesitate to ask us a question!