Clients Worldwide

Since 2012 we have been working with companies in Scandinavia, Central Europe and Asia


 Norwegian Clients

We Made AS

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We Made AS is an SMB in Norway that focuses on consulting and design by combining business understanding with technology and creativity  to increase efficiency in their clients internal and external processes. Together with Pinion Software, We Made is solving their clients problems in new and exciting ways. Pinion Software started to work with We Made in 2017 and together we have created We Mades exciting ERP and CRM solution Pointer. Pointer integrates with 3rd party solutions like e-commerce websites, accounting systems and more.

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Sveve AS


 In 2017 we started working with Sveve AS on an exciting new website for the Norwegian sharing economy market. This is a large scale project that integrates location searching, customer to customer interactions and payment service using Stripe.

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In 2014 Pinion Software started working with Frontkom, a digital agency in Norway that specialising in apps, website and other digital services and marketing. Together we worked on the Guestbook Android App, a social network for hikers in the Norwegian wilderness.

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Poseidon Simulations AS

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In 2013 we started to work with Poseidon Simulation AS and Poseidon Asia Inc. Poseidon develops and distribute maritime simulation software for maritime training and education all over the world. Together we worked on their GMDSS training simulator.

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 Swedish Clients

Temalogic AB

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 Temalogic AB is a retail technology specialist in Sweden who works with sales and retail companies in Sweden and Norway. In 2013 we started working together with them on their retails solutions for pricing management, assortment planner and campaign management. Over the yeas we worked together we developed several apps for iOS and Android, as well as web solutions.

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Central European Clients 

JOIO Sociallabs

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Join Sociallabs was an exciting startup that we were lucky to work with throughout 2015 and 2016. Together we worked on the Joio social network app, a new form of private social network set off to compete with the big players like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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 Asian Clients

Zuellig Pharma 


Zuellig Pharma is one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia and our purpose is to make healthcare more accessible. In 2016 Pinion Software got so lucky to work together with Zuellig on their in house e-learning app for Android and iOS. After that we also created the Pharmz app as a look up and reference app for students and professionals.

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Silverwind Group of Companies 


The Silverwind Group of Companies is one of the largest importers, distributors and retailers in the automotive industry in the Philippines. Sine 2012 we have been working with Silverwind to streamline their processes and implement ERP system in their offices and stores. In 2018 we started working on a major e-commerce website that is set to launch in 2019.

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The Generics Pharmacy 


In 2012 Pinion Software started to work with The Generics Pharmacy the largest pharmacy chain in the Philippines with over 2000 branches nation wide.

We started off with developing the TGP App for Android and iOS, and then we took over support and maintenance of their in house ERP system handling inventory, sales and purchases.

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