Pinion has long term collaborations with several companies and IT companies around the world. Many of these are Scandinavian companies delivering IT services in Scandinavia.


Sveve AS

Sveve is one of the biggest companies on SMS services in Norway, with several large customers using their services. In 2017 Pinion and Sveve started a collaboration in development of web based services. With over 20 years of experience with IT services in Norway and Pinions project management and developers we make a great team with extremely efficient development.

Sveve and Pinion aims to launch the first web based service in early 2017 as a consumer service for the masses.


We Made AS

At the end of 2017, Pinion and We Made has started an exciting and powerful collaboration on delivering professional business intelligence services with beautiful and user friendly design.

We made consist of bright consultants with long experience working with companies in Norway, and together with Pinions development and management team we are excited to deliver great services to Norwegian companies using the latest and greatest technologies.


Joio SocialLabs

Joio is an Austrian company delivering social services. Pinion started working with Joio in early 2016 on Android and iOS app development. On a daily basis Pinion were working with Austria and India to develop the Joio|Us service for Joio SocialLabs.


Temalogic AB

Pinion Started working with Temalogic (formerly Ompalabs AB) in 2013, a Swedish company specializing in business intelligence and product/sales related IT services. Together with Temalogic, Pinion has developed apps and web services used by large retail corporations in Scandinavia.


Poseidon Simulations AS

In 2014 Pinion started to work with Poseidon Simulations AS, a Norwegian company specializing in training simulation software for the maritime sector.

Poseidon creates highly complex java based desktop systems for an international market of maritime training centers. The main development departments sits in Lofoten Norway, while outsourcing some of the development to us in the Philippines.