NAAF Phrasebook App


This app is ideal for any traveler with food allergies. It allows you to communicate your allergies to restaurant staff or shop assistants.

The app allows you to translate phrases, types and dishes within a certain variety of food allergies. The app allows you select a phrase or a word related to your allergies, and then provides the translation in the selected language. The app makes it easy for you, or whomever you are talking to, to switch between the different phrases and words.

Available allergies:

Fish, eggs, wheat, nuts, shellfish, milk

Other features in the app:

Emergency alarm

Emergency contact information

Further information about the different allergies

The app contains Norwegian and English as default languages. German, Spanish, French, Italian, Khmer, Lithuanian, Thai, Greek, and Arabic are available for purchase in the app.

The app is developed by Astma- og Allergiforbundet (NAAF).

NAAF is a charity organisation for people with asthma, allergies and other types of hypersensitivity.

This app was developed by NAAF with financial support form ExtraStiftelsen.

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