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Business Intelligence and ERP

Pinion Software has been working with business intelligence and ERP system of various complexity since 2012. Our consultants has education and background with complex computer systems for easy input of complex data, advance processing and reporting.

Since 2012 we have worked on web based inventory, sales and customer relations systems. Working with companies in Asia and in Europe, and creating highly dynamic systems for flexibility and multi company usage.

Our system features private and public APIs for connecting with external services like accounting systems, e-commerce website and mobile Apps.

You’ll rarely find a company with the experience with complex systems as Pinion Software.

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Mobile Apps

Pinion Software was the first company to market their iOS and Android app development services in the Philippines. Because of that we were lucky to work with some of the largest companies in their respective industry on mobile marketing based apps for the Philippines market.

Since then we have worked with companies in Norway, Sweden, Austria and Portugal on native iOS and Android apps.

In 2017 we decided to shift our focus towards React Native cross platform mobile app development. This cuts down the development cost dramatically and makes it even simpler to develop and deploy apps.

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Beautful Landing Pages

In 2018 Pinion Software decided to increase their focus on custom designed, beautiful websites for corporations and organisations. We have graphic designers available for affordable rates, and can create the website using modern CMS system like Contentful and modern and advance javascript frameworks like VueJS or React.

Get in touch to get a company profile designed with logos, colours and icons. Take it to the next level and get a custom designed and developed website on modern technologies.

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