The trend of the previous years - sharing economy services. Pinion Software as a modern technological company, proud to present our great work - sharing economy ( C2C ) Norwegian startup website for rental of storage space.
The Idea is very simple: if you have free space in your property - rent it to someone else and earn some money!
Website uses facebook auth api for registration and provides feauture to find space sellers nearby, using location search. Also the app provides Integrated payment solution from Stripe for c2c payment with platform fee.


Maintenance planner for industrial companies

This is a B2B solution for industrial companies. Momek Services AS provides maintenance services of equipment and machines. Customers of Momek Services can easily request service maintenance from the maintenance planner website created by Pinion Software.
Key features:
- Admin panel
- maintenance schedule
- registration of requests
- Gantt chart overview

Crowdfunding website

Another Norwegian startup - crowdfunding platform. Users who are looking for investors post their projects or ideas and accept donations for making it real.

Key features:
- fb/email registration
- posting of project
- integrated payment using Stripe
- statistics

Project still in development, official launch planning at June 2019.


Custom made ERP system

This is our another interesting project - custom made ERP system.
Key futures:
- customers relations
- track of inventory
- track of sales
- statistics

Inventory system for electrical contractor

Light version of ERP system for enterprise. Key features:
- admin panel
- track of inventory on project
- price lists

App consist of server part and client party - iOS App and Android App. Available only for employes( internal usage ).


NAAF Pollen App

Pollen alert gives you daily updated overview of pollen spread throughout the country. Warning includes pollen types or hassel, birch, salix, grass and burot. The app is now updated for the 2017 polling season, adapted to iOS10 and with the possibility of push alerting by strong or extreme spread. They can now subscribe to the service for 11 kroner a year. The first month is free. The amount will be deducted automatically each year from your App Store account. Delivered by the Asthma and Allergy Association in collaboration with the Health Directorate. Abonnement is associated with the users iTunes account. In case of unsubscribe, the user must terminate the subscription in iTunes. - Official poll forecast for allergy sufferers in Norway delivered by The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association.

PharmZ E-learning App


Learning management system( app ) for kids and teenagers. The main value of app is organization of learning process and making it more amusing and effective. App available in App Store.


Gjesteboka Android App

Guestbook - Digital mountain book for registration and sharing of your nature experiences. Pictures, statistics and competitions.

You can challenge your friends and you can get statistics about your height meters or points in local competitions.

Specially designed for sports teams with local trim contests; can be used as a tool for engaging new participants and managing team results.


The Genrics Pharmacy APP

The Generics Pharmacy App for iPhone is here! 

The Generics Pharmacy is the largest drugstore chain in the Philippines with over 1400 branches nationwide. 
At the core of The Generics Pharmacy is an advocacy of making quality and affordable healthcare accessible to all Filipinos. 


With our iPhone App you can enjoy these amazing features: 
-Find and search information about our products
-Locate the nearest TGP branch to you! 
-Find information about our branches
-Read the latest news about The Generics Pharmacy 


And more exciting features is coming as free updates to your iPhone.

NAAF Phrasebook App

This app is ideal for any traveler with food allergies. It allows you to communicate your allergies to restaurant staff or shop assistants. 

The app allows you to translate phrases, types and dishes within a certain variety of food allergies. The app allows you select a phrase or a word related to your allergies, and then provides the translation in the selected language. The app makes it easy for you, or whomever you are talking to, to switch between the different phrases and words. 

Available allergies: 
Fish, eggs, wheat, nuts, shellfish, milk

Other features in the app: 
Emergency alarm
Emergency contact information
Further information about the different allergies

The app contains Norwegian and English as default languages. German, Spanish, French, Italian, Khmer, Lithuanian, Thai, Greek, and Arabic are available for purchase in the app.

The app is developed by Astma- og Allergiforbundet (NAAF). 

NAAF is a charity organisation for people with asthma, allergies and other types of hypersensitivity. 

This app was developed by NAAF with financial support form ExtraStiftelsen.


PharmZ App for Zuellig Pharmacy

PharmZ is a mobile application created specifically for pharmacy students and professionals. The app integrates necessary tools effective for both learning and effective pharmacy practice.

It shall also serve as quick and easy reference guide to various health preparations available in the market. 

Key features:

-Product Library
-Pharmacist-Only Medicines
-Unit Conversion Tool
-Periodic Table of Elements


Driven by Zuellig's commitment to help uplift pharmacy profession, the app is to be linked to a learning platform in which eLearing materials are available and users may choose to enroll for skill enhancement.